TROOPER CHICK | Strong Ass Women | Self-Love | Self-Respect | Confidence | Self-Worth | Relationships

Krystal Waters is your funny bff who’s telling it like it is when it comes to your relationship life. You’ll share a few laughs & be inspired to make your next relationship not suck! After bad breakups, dealing with cheaters & emotional abuse, Krystal is dedicated to sharing her story & showing women how to move on from breakups, and breakthrough to more amazing relationships with REAL men, all while growing in self-confidence & self-love. Her mission is helping women live a life full of love, in their relationships with others & themselves. This podcast is a must listen for any strong ass women who’ve dealt with BS in relationships & are ready to take back their power! A Trooper Chick is strong, she is never defeated, she never settles, she knows her worth, she controls her own life & her happiness, she is confident, and she LOVES HERSELF!

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