Living Worthy

shame. we all have it. and for most of us, it's like the inner bully we can't get rid of. as a self-proclaimed "hot mess in progress" + recovering perfectionist, kameron lindo lived much of her life believing she'd never be worthy of love because of the mistakes she's made, what's been said about her and done to her. but lies won't have the last say. the living worthy podcast is a space created to empower imperfect people to embrace god's love so they can live the life they were made for. it’s for anyone who’s ever felt like they’ll never be enough. for whoever’s tired of striving for perfection or hustling for approval. for everyone who’d much rather embrace god’s love than try to earn it. in each episode of living worthy, kameron will bravely lean in, sharing honest stories + lessons about the things that get in the way of us believing who god says he is + who he says we are. god loves you like crazy. it's time you started living like it.

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