Black And Yellow's Podcast

Just like any podcast we aim to stand out, We are an active podcast grouped together like a link in a chain looking to broadcast our sessions as well as explaining, talking about, and exploring the beauty of life. Other then presenting to you our ideas by the active passion in bicycles, and art our podcast coverage goes far beyond that. As a small podcast we are distributing our knowledge through conversation and giving our perspectives on the world. We believe that the serious topics spoken on deserve some light given from the millennial of a topic. Tackling this as a duo Khalil and Sean plan to engage you as a listener to also give feedback and leave us your opinion on the podcast itself. If you are fatigued of listening to the same podcasts about the same issues over and over, you should check us out and relax your mind. We talk about all types of different experiences that can go from random to relatable, so if you want to give us a listen go ahead ad give us some feedback while your at it. This podcast is intended for people who are outgoing, confident, and holistically an awesome person. Our listeners can look forward to a ton of diverse topics on each of our podcast. Although each subject will vary we bring lots of different intellectual conversations to the table that we hope you listen for. Not only will our podcast have unique topics but just genuinely unique people talking on them as well.

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