Change Lab: Conversations on Transformation and Creativity

ArtCenter College of Design, hosted by ArtCenter President Lorne M. Buchman

ArtCenter’s new bi-weekly podcast features intimate interviews with leading artists and innovators about how the creative process has been a catalyst for transformation—personally, professionally and globally. Hosted by ArtCenter President, Lorne M. Buchman, these conversations use change as a framework to examine the many ways in which artists and designers are illuminating and improving our lives. ArtCenter College of Design is a global leader in art and design education; and our mission statement—Learn to create. Influence change—lies at the center of all we do. In addition to our top-ranked academic programs, the College is renowned for its social innovation initiatives and holds the distinction of being the first design school to receive the United Nations’ Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status in recognition of its commitment to social impact design. For over eighty years, ArtCenter alumni have had a profound impact on the art world, the creative economy and the way we live.


06 Niklas Gustafsson on Creating Meaningful Brand Stories
2017-12-02 05:30:59 UTC 36:29
06 Niklas Gustafsson on Creating Meaningful Brand Stories

ArtCenter alum Niklas Gustafsson is the Global Director for PepsiCo’s Design and Innovation team, where his duties range from developing more sustainable and efficient packaging to developing healthier drinks and snacks at scale. All of this is in an effort to create a profitable model while positively impacting global health.

Niklas discusses his upbringing in Sweden and how it sparked his passion for art and design in a larger cultural context. He also talks about the challenges of designing for a company whose product has changed roles in the public eye. Plus, how research and asking the right questions can make a world of difference and how making a profit factors into all of this.

05 Mari Nakano - Using Design for the Social Good
2017-12-02 05:30:59 UTC 51:32
05 Mari Nakano - Using Design for the Social Good

Mari Nakano is a social impact designer and Artcenter alum at forefront of her profession. She was recently named the Deputy Director of the Service Design Studio at the New York City’s Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity. Previously, Mari spent four years as the Design and Interaction Lead for UNICEF’s Office of Innovation.

Mari has dedicated much of her work to helping children and underserved communities worldwide. She can trace her journey from a house of makers and artists to a trailblazing career in a field of social innovation, with years of tireless work for at risk populations.

In today’s episode, Mari shares where she she draws her innovation, how she uses her problem-solving tactics closer to home, and the value of doing good in the world.

04 Sara Khoury - Designing for the User and Human Experience
2017-12-02 05:30:59 UTC 47:45
04 Sara Khoury - Designing for the User and Human Experience

Sara Khoury is an ArtCenter alum who specializes in user experience. She is now the Director of User Experience Design at Google, where she oversees product design for many of their apps including Google Hire. Previously, Sara led UED teams at Bank of America and Walmart Labs.

With over 20 years experience at the intersection of design and technology in Silicon Valley, Sara continues to pioneer paths for female leadership in the tech field. She has cleared a path for women in Silicon Valley without losing sight of her values and commitments to positive change, pushing boundaries, and doing it all in a supportive, creative environment.

In this episode Sara shares with us about her upbringing by urban parents in a rural setting, her role as a critical thinker, and how she finds being a woman in a male-dominated field.

03 Edgar Arceneaux - Using Critical Thinking to Share Stories
2017-12-02 05:30:59 UTC 55:52
03 Edgar Arceneaux - Using Critical Thinking to Share Stories

Edgar Arceneaux is an LA-based contemporary artist and ArtCenter alumni who strives to find awe and mystery in life. His body of work has been seen exhibited and performed internationally, and it celebrates the asking of penetrating historical and cultural questions, leading to thought-provoking, perspective-altering experiences.

Edgar’s most recent piece Until Until Until is a live performance centered around a reenactment of Ben Vereen’s tragically misunderstood blackface performance at Ronald Reagan’s 1981 inaugural gala. The history of this performance is fascinating, and Edgar’s piece probes into the events before and after.

In this conversation, Edgar talks about his work, his knack for critical thinking, his upbringing, and how these all influence his development as an artist with striking wisdom and courage to experiment.

02 John X. Carey - Balancing Art and Commerce in Film
2017-12-02 05:30:59 UTC 46:01
02 John X. Carey - Balancing Art and Commerce in Film

John X. Carey is a filmmaker and ArtCenter alum with a commitment to bringing social conscience to commercial spots. He was one of AdWeek’s top 20 content creators of 2016, and with good reason. He launched his career in 2013 with Dove’s Real Beauty pieces, which quickly went viral and remain some of the most-watched internet commercial of all time.

In addition to the well known piece for Dove, he has also created a recent piece for Apple about an autistic teen and a short film about singing group with serious breathing problems.

Today John discusses how his unconventional upbringing urged him toward a career in storytelling, why he gravitates to projects that give voice to unsung protagonists, and the public response to his pieces.

01 Lynda Weinman - Taking Arts Education Online
2017-12-02 05:30:59 UTC 49:33
01 Lynda Weinman - Taking Arts Education Online

Lynda Weinman founded in 1995 to provide wider access to popular digital arts courses she began teaching at ArtCenter. Often dubbed the mother of the internet, she transitioned from a focus on her successful book about web design to laying the foundation for the future of online learning. was truly the first of it’s kind, and it now offers over 6,000 courses in business, technology, and other creative skills. It was such a success that it was purchased by LinkedIn in 2015 for $1.5 billion.

Today Lynda talks about the challenges of being a teacher, why she prefers being a peer, and the unique benefits of an arts education.