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Handbag Marinara: The Food, Fashion, and Fun of FRIENDS

Elizabeth Brunetti & Heather Deyrieux

The One Where They Talk About FRIENDS! Lifelong besties Elizabeth Brunetti and Heather Deyrieux discuss their favorite show: FRIENDS. Grab this week's signature cocktail and join them at Monica and Rachel's as they discuss the food, fashion, and fun of the best show ever!


TOW the Welcome Show
2018-04-01 01:16:33 UTC 16:50
TOW the Welcome Show

Who the heck are these chicks and why are they talking about FRIENDS? Well, these chicks are Elizabeth Brunetti (lifelong foodie) and Heather Deyrieux (lifelong fashionista) and together, they are lifelong BFFs who happen to share a love of all things FRIENDS. In our new podcast, we’ll be discussing the food, fashion, and fun of our favorite show.

Here in our welcome show, we talk about what we’ll talk about. From the food (How do you avoid the meat sweats? Is it physically possible to get a turkey stuck on your head?), to the fashion (the Rachel haircut, Chandler’s sweater vests, 90s fashion in stores today), to all of our favorite moments from the show.

Each week, we’ll also craft a signature cocktail (or other adult beverage) to go along with that week’s episode. What are we drinking to welcome you all to the podcast? You’ll have to listen and find out!