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Hosted by Ebun kivinen. Watzpoppin is a podcast about lifestyle and Society. I will be discussing things that inspire me and topics such as culture, Interracial marriages, family, friends, fashion, food, travels. Every 2 week of each month it will be brought to you and I will be sharing my experiences. Amazing guest will be joining me on related topics......Me real to U! Don't forget to subscribe! Thank you!


Lade in Finland #1:
2018-03-02 23:13:50 UTC 24:05
Lade in Finland #1:

In this episode Omolade is my family member. He lives in London,United Kingdom. He works in an IT firm and he has several businesses. He shared why he loves visiting Finland and his experiences.

Join us on his adventure and how he balances his life on Watzpoppin. Thanks for listening!

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2018-03-02 23:13:50 UTC 09:02

Watz poppin was inspired by questions asked and the zeal to answer about my experiences living in Finland. I will be sharing my lifestyle and what goes on in the society.