Food Babies

Daniel Desrosiers

Seattle sweethearts, self-proclaimed Urban Hobbits and Food Babies, Emily Koren & Daniel Timothy Desrosiers love food! They also happen to be friends with a bevy of comedians, musicians, podcasters, and all sorts of artsy fartsy folks who love food just as much as the Food Babies! They talk about the favorite restaurants and recipes and play a variety of food trivia games! Friendship and good times are about with the Food Babies!!


Sprouting Friendship
2018-02-13 21:11:02 UTC 01:05:45
Sprouting Friendship

It's not often you get to see a friendship blossom before your eyes, but that's exactly what happened on this episode! Zac Gandara (Losing Our Religion Podcast), and Jesse Mercury (Scifi with Jesse Mercury Podcast, Scifi on Trial Podcast, Musician, and Food Babies sound engineer!!) bond over their love of Star Trek.  We talk about Zac's "caveman" cooking style, we play some food trivia games and have a storytelling battle royal!  Music by: Heliotropic

Love Upon the Mountaintop
2018-02-13 21:11:02 UTC 57:28
Love Upon the Mountaintop

In this episode, Emily and Dan discuss their recent engagement! It's a sugary tale takes place upon a mountain top. Their guests are Maddie Downes (Comedian, Northern Belles) and returning champion Jeff Tapia (Musician, Rat Queen).  We talk about family trips, the pitfalls of free sushi, and Emily and Daniel's trip to Los Angeles.  Music by: Heliotropic 

Food Babies 101
2018-02-13 21:11:02 UTC 50:23
Food Babies 101

In the inaugural episode of Food Babies, hosts, Emily Koren and Daniel Timothy Desrosiers are joined by their good buds, Daniel O'Connell (Scratch Deli, Rapper) and Jeff Tapia (Musician, Rat Queen). They gab all about their favorite recipes and restaurants, play some food trivia games, and tell stories that will make you wanna quit your jobs and become a raconteur!  Music by: Heliotropic